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Work in low-light conditions with solar power plus battery backup.|Help protect your HP 300s+ from bumps and drops with the durable slide-on cover.|Easily view equations on the sleek 60.5mm x 24.3mm LCD display.|See expressions as you would on paper. View your entry and the result at the same time with a student-friendly, 4-line, 15-character textbook display.|Improve accuracy and efficiency – use navigation keys to scroll through equations and edit recent entries.|Display results in your choice of engineering, scientific or standard notation.|Store and recall important results and data with nine easy-to-use memory keys.|Solve math and science problems efficiently using 315 built-in functions.|Use a full library of algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions as well as their inverses.|Calculate common probability functions including permutations, combinations and factorials.|Approved for use on most college placement exams.|Streamline prime factorization, whole number division, fraction reduction and GCF/LCM calculations with built-in tools.|Convert from decimals to fractions. Make metric and imperial unit conversions.|Easily enter one and two-variable statistical data with table-based editor. Calculate mean, standard deviation, variance, regression analysis and more. HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator|NW277AA#ABA

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